“Seminole Financial has proven itself to be a very creative, responsive and reliable equity partner and lender on both simple and complex real estate transactions. They are very relationship driven and are a very good partner and lender. I would highly recommend them for multi-family transactions. We have completed several transactions within the past 24 months ranging from 70 to over 300 units.”

Nick Ryan

Managing Director, The Marquette Companies

“Our solar finance projects with Seminole Financial Services have been successful on many levels. Their team takes the time to get to know us and understand our requirements then translates them perfectly. Each transaction we have completed with Seminole was conducted in a straightforward and efficient manner, and every timeline was met to guarantee on-time delivery. Seminole personifies the ‘customer comes first’ approach. Their entire team was available to us to answer any questions or concerns we had along the way. We have closed another successful transaction together, and I cannot say enough about their efficiency and extraordinary customer-friendly service.”

Jim Rice

co-CEO, Nautilus Solar

“Being a part of the student housing industry since the early 1990’s with Capstone Development, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best equity partners in the industry.  When Capstone Collegiate Communities (C3) was formed in 2012 as part of the succession of Capstone Development, Seminole Financial Services remained steadfast in their support of C3 and partnered with us on numerous transactions, providing the same great service and attention to detail with each transaction.  We are proud to partner with Seminole Financial Services and look forward to working with Joe Ritter and his team in the years to come.”

Rob Howland

Principal, Capstone Collegiate Communities

“I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of Seminole Financial Services and its people. That quality became obvious when a project of our size and complexity came in on time and with no glitches. It’s especially impressive considering the tight schedule we requested. Our recent projects required some problem solving and thinking outside of the box. Seminole was always available to engage in conversation and suggest solutions. It is a pleasure to partner with Seminole Financial on the financing of Clean Focus’ solar projects. The Seminole team is very knowledgeable and always responsive to our requirements.”

Stanley Chin

CEO, Clean Focus

“Capstone believes our firm to be the most active and experienced developer of student housing facilities in the country since its beginnings in 1990. We have benefited from teaming with some of the best within their prospective professions. In our experience, large and complicated developments are successful only if the many individuals involved are good at what they do and work cohesively as a team. Bob Banks has truly been one of our great partners over the years. No one was happier to see him back in the lending business than us at Capstone when he started Seminole Financial Services.”

Michael Mouron

Chairman and President,The Capstone Companies

Seminole is in the “Relationship Business”. We are committed to exceeding the industry’s highest levels of professional and ethical standards while delivering our services in a personal, family-like manner.