Seminole Equity Partners

Seminole Equity Partners, LLC (“SEP”) was established to originate and manage tax credit equity investments in the Renewable Energy industry on behalf of The Seminole Companies.

Seminole is a fully-staffed vertically-integrated organization that provides the following specialized services for tax equity investments of $10 million up to $150 million:


  • Investment Tax Credit (“ITC”) Fund Formation and Syndication
  • Structuring
  • Origination
  • Underwriting* (including Due Diligence review)
  • ITC Compliance
  • Asset Management of Fund Assets


The combination of Seminole Financial Services and Seminole Equity Partners creates a true “One-Stop Shop” for Renewable Energy developers. Seminole Equity Partners provides tax equity solutions to complement the debt financing that Seminole Financial Services offers.

We are committed to making tax equity viable for up to mid-scale utility projects. Historically, high transaction costs, punitive terms and prolonged execution have made tax equity economically unviable for these types of projects. Seminole’s unique approach, collaborative culture and industry expertise are overcoming these obstacles.

Seminole Equity Partners identifies tax credit equity investors with a desire to be involved in economically, financially, and socially responsible investments. Those tax credit equity investors benefit by taking advantage of the various federal and/or state tax incentives such investments provide. Together, Seminole Equity Partners and Seminole Financial Services provide a true “One-Stop Shop” for Renewable Energy debt and tax credit equity financing for its developer clients. This coordinated effort maximizes the monetization of tax incentives that come from Renewable Energy projects to benefit the project developer and tax credit investor alike.

Seminole provides investments for:
Investment Tax Credit (ITC)