Seminole Financial Services, LLC Provides Financing For a 3.1MW Solar Project in Douglas County, Colorado

Belleair Bluffs, FL – November 17, 2010 –

Seminole Financial Services, LLC (“Seminole”) announced today the funding of a construction loan for REgeneration Finance to construct and install over 3 MW of photovoltaic systems on 31 different sites – 30 schools and one athletic stadium – in Douglas County, Colorado. The total project cost for this transaction were approximately $19 million. Combined, these systems will produce over 4.6 million kWh of energy on an annual basis for the school district. The installations are expected to be online by February 2011.


REgeneration Finance, LLC is a privately held corporation which focuses on financing the development and ownership of solar systems that supply electricity to municipalities, schools, universities, and commercial off-takers.


“REgeneration Finance is excited to be working with Seminole Financial Services to build this important project,” said Laurence Friedman, CEO of REgeneration Finance. “Building a solar project for the School District required creative financial solutions and needed to be built to the highest possible standards to ensure the safety of the schools’ students – it wouldn’t have been possible without Seminole’s commitment to the project.”


“Seminole Financial Services is proud to team up with REgeneration Finance on this transaction. It represents our commitment to be a market leader in the Renewable Energy Finance sector for solar transactions 500kW and up,” stated Robert Banks, CEO and Chairman of the Seminole Companies. “This is a great example of how the private sector and the public sector can come together for the benefit of the entire community,” added Chris Diaz, Senior Vice President for Seminole Financial Services.


For more information about this installation or renewable energy financing, please contact Chris Diaz, Senior Vice President for Seminole Financial Services, at (727) 460-0578 or at

About Seminole Financial Services

Seminole Financial Services, LLC (SFS) is the operating entity of the six companies that collectively make up the Seminole Companies (Seminole). SFS is responsible for originating, underwriting, servicing and providing asset management for the debt and equity investments originated for institutional investors managed by sister company, Seminole Advisory Services, LLC (SAS). SAS is a registered investment advisor with the SEC and presently has several hundred million dollars in assets under management. SFS provides debt and equity investments for commercial real estate and renewable energy transactions nationwide, specializing in short and intermediate term investments.

About REgeneration Finance, LLC

REgeneration Finance is an experienced developer of solar energy systems, providing solar power to municipal, commercial and non-profit entities. Through a financial structure that fully utilizes various federal and state benefits, REgeneration Finance allows its clients to receive all the financial and social benefits of renewable energy, including lowering their cost of electricity and reducing their carbon footprint, with no initial capital investment. Its customers typically receive substantial savings over what they would have otherwise paid to their respective utilities. REgeneration Finance is a full service financing partner, capable of providing its projects with construction and term debt, tax equity and equipment procurement.


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