Seminole Financial Services, LLC Provides Construction Financing for Clean Focus Corporation’s 2.2MW Solar Project in Gainesville, Florida

Belleair Bluffs, FL – October 22, 2010 –

Seminole Financial Services, LLC (“Seminole”) announced today it will fund a $6.8 million construction loan to Clean Focus Corporation for the installation of a 2.2 MW solar photovoltaic systems atop four different sites in Gainesville, Florida – most notably 1.58 MW on top of Butler Plaza, the largest retail center in the Southeast. Together the rooftop sites will produce over 3 million kWh of energy on an annual basis. The project is expected to generate electricity before the end of the year.


The Clean Focus solar installations form the largest project to date under the Gainesville Regional Utility (GRU) feed-in tariff program. “The GRU feed-in tariff offers excellent safety to our investors, and the 2MW project size fits squarely within our sweet spot of 1MW to 20MW,” said Stanley Chin, President and CEO of Clean Focus. The company works closely with independent developers and systems integrators to develop, finance, and operate solar systems throughout the United States.


“Seminole Financial Services is proud to be part of this transaction with Clean Focus, and we are committed to being a market leader in the Renewable Energy Finance sector for solar and wind transactions 500kW and up,” said Robert Banks, CEO and Chairman of the Seminole Companies. Chris Diaz, Senior Vice President for Seminole Financial Services, added, “This transaction is a great example of the Feed-In Tariff program assisting in the financing of solar systems. The GRU program is leading the way for more Feed-In Tariff programs across the United States.”


For more information about this installation or renewable energy financing, please contact Chris Diaz, Senior Vice President for Seminole Financial Services, at (727) 460-0578 or at

About Seminole Financial Services

Seminole Financial Services, LLC (SFS) is the operating entity of the six companies that collectively make up the Seminole Companies (Seminole). SFS is responsible for originating, underwriting, servicing and providing asset management for the debt and equity investments originated for institutional investors managed by sister company, Seminole Advisory Services, LLC (SAS). SAS is a registered investment advisor with the SEC and presently has several hundred million dollars in assets under management. SFS provides debt and equity investments for commercial real estate and renewable energy transactions nationwide, specializing in short and intermediate term investments.

About Clean Focus Corporation

Clean Focus Corporation develops, finances, and operates solar-power installations in the commercial, government, and utility sectors. By working closely with independent developers and system integrators, Clean Focus identifies economically attractive solar projects and finances them through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and long-term leases. Energy users benefit from turnkey, predictably-priced solar energy. Based in Silicon Valley, Clean Focus funds and executes projects with domestic and international sources of capital.


For more information about Clean Focus Corporation, please contact Matt Coleman, Vice President, at 408-329-9280.