What are Opportunity Zones?

Created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the Opportunity Zone program offers federal tax incentives to investors who invest capital gains into low-income communities nationwide. Participating in this program allows investors to enjoy significant benefits including:

  • Tax Deferral – Defer taxes on invested capital gains until the end of 2026
  • Tax Reduction – Invested capital gains can get up to 15% step-up in basis
  • Tax Exclusion – Zero taxes on Opportunity Zone investments held for ten years

Services provided by Seminole Equity Partners – Investors

  • Fund management
  • Deal sourcing
  • Customized structuring (returns, risk, size, portfolio diversification)
  • Due diligence, governance and regulatory compliance
  • Asset management
  • Tax and professional opinions provided by leading firms

For more information, contact Rod Eckhardt at:
(727) 331-8438 or reckhardt@seminolefs.com

Opportunity Zones Program Resources

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