Rod Eckhardt

Managing Director, Renewable Energy

Rod joined The Seminole Companies full time as Managing Director, Renewable Energy in 2021, after having led Seminole Equity Partners (2014-2021). Over a 20-year span, Rod has worked extensively with tax incented investments including renewable energy and real estate from both an equity and debt perspective. His experience includes legal, underwriting, structuring, asset management, fund management, origination and syndication of investments representing more than $2 billion.

Rod is a speaker at finance conferences across the country and has been featured on C-Span. He has worked on behalf of tax credit syndicators, lenders, investors, developers and the United States Department of Energy. Rod previously served as Vice President for Capmark Finance Inc. and as Investment Counsel for a division of GMAC. He earned his B.A. from Colorado State University and his J.D. from Gonzaga School of Law.



(303) 406-1815