Our dynamic cycle-proven team has successfully invested through multiple interest rate, market and industry environments.

Our team

Seminole Financial Services was founded with the goal of financing Renewable Energy and Real Estate projects. For over a decade, we’ve provided superior returns to our investors by creating innovative capital solutions for our development partners. Our vertically integrated team takes a collaborative approach to working with our stakeholders so that, together, we can build a more sustainable future. To date, we have directly funded over $2.3 Billion in capital for Renewable Energy and Multi-Family Real Estate projects nationwide.

Seminole’s consistent returns and relationship-focus are grounded in the investment principles of its founder, Bob Banks. For over 30 years, Mr. Banks powered the success of the Midland Companies. During his tenure and title of Owner and CEO, Mr. Banks closed over 2,500 real estate investments and consistently generated above-market returns.

In 1999, Mr. Banks successfully sold the Midland Companies to a larger public entity and retired in 2003. Following his retirement, the funds’ performance began to suffer and, in 2008 the pension funds asked Mr. Banks if he would consider exiting retirement to resume fund management utilizing his relationship-focused approach.

With a loyalty to his investors, and the goal of financing Renewable Energy and Real Estate projects, Mr. Banks formed Seminole Financial Services.